Spring Fling Kid Lit Submission

Spring Fling Kid Lit Submission

For Spring Fling Kid Lit, the goal was to write a story about Spring inspired by a GIF in under 150 words. Here goes!

The Spring of Snowman

“Come out!” warbled Robin. “The snowstorm is gone.
Abandon your burrows. Let’s play on the lawn.”
“Hooray!” hollered Eagle. “I’m back from vacation.”
“Woohoo!” shouted Bear. “No more dull hibernation!”

Everyone cheered for the sunny Spring day
…all except Snowman, “I’m melting away!”

“My dream is to see just one daffodil bloom,
But it’s getting toasty. I fear I am doomed.
My body is melting. I’ve lost my physique.
My hat fits much looser. I’m growing quite weak.”

Giraffe offered shade, “I will not let you swelter.”
Beaver exclaimed, “I will build you a shelter.”
“We’ll help!” chimed Hummingbird, Peacock and Bear.
“With wings, tails and paws, we can cool you with air.”

The soil erupted up with bright yellow blossoms.
Surrounded by blooms, Snowman shrieked “This is awesome!”

“My dreams have come true. Now I’ll gladly depart.
While you cooled down my body, you warmed up my heart.”

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