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I write silly, weird and heartwarming books.

I love spontaneity, flip flops, hammocks, 90s music, daydreaming, reading, soup dumplings and stopping whatever I’m doing when the Princess Bride is on TV.

I live in Los Angeles with my super-supportive wife and two hilarious kids who use potty words to complete Mad Libs and provide the inspiration for my stories.

I’m a member of SCBWI and the 12X12 Challenge. I have attended numerous writing conferences and participated in 50 Precious Words, Spring Fling Kid Lit, ReFoReMo, StoryStorm, PBPitch, and PitMad.


Ten Truths & A Lie

1. I was born in Texas (Howdy!)

2. My favorite animal is the red panda.

3. I went scuba diving with sharks.

4. My favorite color is blurple.

5. I earned an MBA from Stanford.

6. I’m way less funny than my wife (who encouraged me to put this truth in the list).

7. My kids are totally calm and never ridiculous.

8. I rode on a camel in Israel.

9. I once quit my job and bought an RV to travel with my family.

10. I’m lactose intolerant.

11. I am afraid of clowns.


Favorite Stories

There are so many great picture books. Below are links to some of our family’s favorites – some old, some new. Please take a look, and support the authors by purchasing them.


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  I’m excited to have my website live. Soon I will begin posting book reviews, updates on my writing journey, and resources for other aspiring writers. Please stay tuned!

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Agents, publishers, editors, fellow authors, teachers and readers – I want to connect with you! Please reach out and see how we can work together. Authors, I’d love to feature your books on my site.